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22. IKGT – Homeopathic Triplicate – Ditch the Itch/Animal Remedies/Rolling Skin Syndrome

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In this year we have succeeded in attracting several top-class speakers for our congress. Dr. Lise Hansen from England will talk about the treatment of allergic skin diseases – her specialty. She will give us a brief insight into her unique method of treatment, which enables her to achieve impressive results. Few veterinarians can match her track record in this area of homeopathy. (lecture is in english)

Are we perhaps using too few „animal“ remedies in the treatment of animals? This question will be addressed by internationally sought-after speakers Dr. Stefan Kohlrausch, Dr. Marlene Jorgensen (lecture is in english) and Beatrice Milleder. Their lectures will focus on „animal“ remedies. Whether bird remedies, spider remedies or snake remedies – for each of these groups the speakers can provide well-documented case studies that will certainly greatly expand our knowledge in this field. Often seen, rarely recognized – the rolling skin syndrome of the cat. What is it anyway? How can I tell if a cat is suffering from it? What are the treatment options? And what does homeopathy do here? All questions, with which Dr. Brigitte Hentschel from Munich will deal in detail in her lecture.

All in all, once again a colorful program, with certainly something for every participant!


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